Besides a lunch box, what else might your child need for Back to Schoo – Little Tucker Box


Besides a lunch box, what else might your child need for Back to School

Water Bottles

The most important thing your child needs for school, other than a lunch box, is a water bottle!! 

Now all kids are different.... some like ice cold water, others like room temperature or perhaps your child likes a natural flavour added to their water. Whatever it may be, here are a range of water bottles to suit every child.


MontiiCo Insulated water bottles

Mega 1L

These water bottles are all double insulated, stainless steel and keep your water cold all day long! Living in Cairns, these bottles have been tried and tested and are built to last! They have a wide opening to be able to fit ice cubes in with no trouble and come in 3 different sizes, 350ml, 600ml and 1L. There are various lids to suit your needs and these lids fit every water bottle. There are also bumpers available to protect the bottle from bumps or drops on the floor. sport sprout water bottle

If your child likes room temperature water, then this is the perfect bottle for you. It has a silicone spout for easy flow drinking and is 450ml. This bottle comes in an ergonomic triangle shape which makes it easier to hold and has a bumper attached to protect from life's knocks. There is a flexible handle attached for easy carrying too.


Precidio Drink in the Box

If you child loves a juice box/popper or likes flavour in a water bottle and you would like a healthier option, then this one is for you! Drink in the Box comes in 2 sizes, 235ml and 355ml and is designed to add fresh fruit to water or even place a smoothie or freshly squeezed juice inside. The lid locks into place and is leak-proof when closed and the straw is food safe silicone which it is all very easy to clean. 


Cooler Bags

Apart from drink bottles, another thing your child might need for back to school is a cooler bag! most come with icepacks which will keep your child's lunch fresh until they eat it. 

With so many designs to choose from, these cooler bags will keep you child's lunch cold ALL DAY! The icepack is included and comes with a cover to protect what is inside and also is placed in a separate zipped compartment. Inside the sections are separated by mesh and most lunch boxes fit snug inside.



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