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Tiny Humans are Exhausting. Gorgeous. Fun. Amazing. But also Exhausting. 
HANGRY KIDS (You know, that look you see on your children's faces when they are hungry and slightly crazed and angry!) add even more fuel to the fire.  

You wake up in the morning and run around trying to get organised before everyone wakes up and the house turns into chaos, well at least thats what I do. Loads of washing, dishwasher unpacked, clothes folded & lunch boxes packed. Do I get all of that done. No. Never. But I try. 

One thing I try to make sure I do is pack our lunch boxes. Now I try to do this every single day, even if we don't have school or any plans to leave the house. Why. Because it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER. 

You know that HANGRY  toddlers and kids are not fun kids. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE. So when you get swept up in an activity, or cleaning the house, or working from home and the kids suddenly claim "IM STARVING"  you have to drop what your doing to head into the kitchen and pull together some food that they are actually going to eat, all the while listening to the "IM STARVINGGGGGG"  comments coming from under your feet. 

SO, if I have lunch boxes packed and ready to go (including one for me) I can just grab them out of the fridge and 'tada' no more HANGRY kids and one happy fed mumma bear also. I find this is also a great way to know what and how much food your kids are eating each day. 

So lets looks at the different options when it comes to lunch boxes. 

For me, I cant get enough of the Little Lunch Box Co BENTO FIVE. I am crazy about it! I am a snacker. I don't like to eat a big meal, I am more of a grazer. So the Bento FIVE is perfect for me. I pack it with healthy snacks so that I don't find myself searching the cupboard for a quick fix ( that is usually always not good for you). 


  4 interest-free payments of $10.74 AUD fortnightly withAfterpay

For the kids, It all depends. If i just want to pack snacks I am loving the Little Lunch Box Co Bento TWO. They are perfect for snacks, I can easily fit two in my hand bag, so if we do head out and about I don't have to worry about getting food and spending money on snacks. 

4 interest-free payments of $7.49 AUD fortnightly withAfterpay

If I am packing a lunch and snacks for a day out and about I cant go past the Munchbox. These are amazing. They are BIG and spacious, they are leakproof, they fit so much food in them that we can safely go out for the day and not need to worry about buying any food.  They also come in a bunch of different colours so there is something for every little one. 


So there you have it. My #mumhack to help make my day easier. and lets face it, ill do anything to make my days run just that little bit smoother! I only hope I have given you some inspo to make your days less stressful too. 



  • Awesome! Such a good idea!!! Anything to make our days that little bit easier!

  • Thanks for the great mums hacks! I haven’t yet purchased these lunchboxes but after reading this blog I definitely want to!

  • Have always found my kids will eat small amounts of everything never huge amounts of one thing. These are perfect!!!!

  • I love the boxes I purchased from you for my kids! Thanks so much!


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