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Lunch boxes... which would best suit your child?

Which Lunchbox best suits your child


2021 is finally here and that means back to school is only weeks away. Trying to decide what lunch box would best suit your child can be daunting to some, as there are so many options out there. If you are a new parent to the world of school, here are a list of the lunch boxes at Little Tucker Box and my recommendations and accessories that go well with Back to School!



Little Lunch Box Co Bento 3 and 5

Don't be fooled by the size of these Bento's as they can fit quite a bit of food inside. The Bento 3 and Bento 5 are the same size with different compartments inside. They are all leak proof (apart from juicy fruits such as watermelon but i pat them dry with paper towel to remove the excess juice before placing into the lunch box) and top rack dishwasher safe. Bento 3 has 3 compartments and will fit a whole sandwich and bento 5 has 5 compartments which you need to cut the sandwich to fit inside. There are many cutters that create fun and unique shapes which children love.

Little Lunch Box Co Bento 2

Perfect size for snacks or Morning Tea/Recess at school, this lunchbox has either 2 or 3 compartments with a removable silicone tab. The lid seals shut on this lunchbox, like the bento 3 or 5, which makes it leakproof too and also top rack dishwasher safe. if you like yoghurt pouches for your child, the small size pouches fit perfectly inside one compartment.


Munchbox is the only lunchbox that has interchangeable trays! this means that instead of having multiple lunch boxes, you can have one outer shell and 5 different trays to go inside. They are quite deep and will fit plenty of food inside. The names of the lunch boxes will tell you what size tray it comes with, like Midi 5 will have 5 compartments inside and Maxi 6 will have 6 and so on. The lid design will work for all the different trays too so its leakproof (apart from juicy fruits which i mentioned above). From bright, bold, pastel and even fluro colours, this lunch box will suit any age.


This lunch box is a snack size or perfect for Morning Tea/Recess, and comes with 2 trays. There is a 2 compartment and 3 compartment and like the Munchbox, it has deep trays so it will fit a lot of food. Lunchbox

The newest and most popular lunchbox is the It has been designed with so much thought and is easy for little ones to carry and open but also is great for older kids that are big eaters. It comes with a removable divider which allows you to fit a whole banana or wrap inside, a flexible whole fruit section (which means the silicone allows you to place a whole apple inside), leak proof compartments and an icepack that sits below your sandwich compartment to keep it cool or remove this for a bigger compartment to have a salad or pasta inside. 

Love Mae Lunchbox

Love Mae are a longer design in a lunchbox, but have bigger compartments to place a yoghurt pouch or a whole sandwich or even an whole banana too. Each lunchbox comes with 2 containers which you can place anything inside (dips or yoghurts)! Some designs are suited for little children and others for older kids. These lunchboxes are top rack dishwasher safe.

Penny Scallan Design Large Bento

These bento's come in a range of different designs and have 1 inner tray which is labelled with ideas of what to place inside your childs lunchbox. The tray has 6 compartments which are all leakproof. This design allows you to remove the silicone seal insert at the top of the out tray, to be able to wash with a breeze. Most of these large bentos are being offered as a set with the cooler bag and water bottle, which is perfect for any little one starting school or kindy.

Penny Scallan Design Mini Bento

Designed in a snack size, the mini bento comes in a range of different designs. There are 4 compartments of the mini and are perfect size for Morning Tea/Recess at school. Like the large bento, this design allows you to remove the silicone seal insert from the top of the outer shell, to clean with a breeze.



From fork and spoon sets, sandwich cutters, fruit stix, vege cutters, silicone cups and so much more, there are plenty ways to assist you in creating a fun lunch for your children to eat. It is also a way to try new foods if we make it a little more fun and exciting! 

Make sure you browse the accessories section to see what you can create for your children either for school or meal times at home!




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