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What it means to Support Small Business

What it means when you purchase from a Small Business. 

First of all I think we need to start this Blog by acknowledging YOU!

Because without you reading this blog, following us on our social media accounts, interacting with us and purchasing through us, we wouldn't be able to run a business that we are so passionate about.  SO this blog is dedicated to YOU, the people that keep us going and allow us to live our dreams of running our own successful business.

But what does it mean to Small Business owners when you choose to purchase through us?

  • Well let me tell you first of all, that we know that you could go to a big chain store and buy a similar (I stress the word similar) product to ours, and that by purchasing through us, you have made a choice to support a person, a family and a passion.

  • Secondly, every Small Business owner will have a story about why they started their business, and each story will be different. However one thing will be the same through each of those stories, and that is 

'we have a genuine passion for our products and our business' 

And this means that we work HARD and go above and beyond to try and reach our people, get our pictures out to YOU, to be seen, and to let people know just how awesome our products are. 

  • Thirdly, it means we get to work in an environment that is our creation, that fits with our family and means that we are flexible in our hours of work. (You will find most of us up late at night when the children are fast asleep working hard on our business, and no one would do this unless they had a genuine LOVE for what they do). But this also means we can attend activities with our children, be around for school drop off and pick up time, say yes when the kids ask to go to the park or the playground. 

But none of this would be possible without your support.  SO I really just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you! Each and every time you comment on a photo on social media you are helping, each time you talk about us to a friend you are helping, each time you share our store with your friends and family YOU ARE HELPING! 


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Our passion behind Little Tucker Box is to share products that we USE and we LOVE that are designed to make food fun for kids. Making it easier to get kids to eat healthy foods without the fights. We also have a passion for reusable product, products that make it EASY to be more conscious of the single use plastics and products that we are putting into landfill and into our oceans. 


And now I want to send some LOVE and support to a few small Businesses that we personally have purchased from (More than once haha) and we love.
They all have a few things in common

  • They are all MUMS.
  • They are women doing amazing things! 
  • They all have a passion for what they do.
  • They all have a story behind WHY they do it. 
But the best one is
  • They are all genuine, lovely and caring people that deserve all the success in the world. 

SO here they are! 

Three Wildlings  


Ethical handmade Australian baby and children shoes using pure and Organic wool and natural dyes. Incredibly unique and comfortable. 

I met Gaia when we both had our first born children. Our boys are the same age and we met through a mums group. Gaia is one of the most caring and genuine people I have come across in my time. 

Her inspiration to start her Biz is one that is both heart breaking and inspirational. It begins with the loss of her beautiful third child Indigo. To read more about her story and to shop her amazing shoe collection CLICK HERE. 
Alternatively you can find her on INSTAGRAM HERE


Wellingtons Wick
Luxe Soy Candles & Home Fragrance


I met the lovely Jess at the Tanks Markets when we both had a stall right near each other. You know how there are times in your life when you just 'click' with a person, well that happened with Jess. 

All day long at the markets I could smell her amazing products, so I purchased my first one. And that was the end of me. (haha) Since then I have purchased many MANY products from Jess for myself and as gifts for people. They are beautiful quality, amazing scents and she is just a really wonderful human to get to know. 
To SHOP her collection CLICK HERE 






Enchanting home for all things Fairy

The face behind Fairy Factory is Nikki, a wonderful friend of mine. Nikki is a 'go getter'! Honestly I don't think there is anything that she cant do! She is a wonderful mama, an amazing friend and honestly a beautiful person inside and out. 
We have many, MANY products from Fairy Factory, in fact both my children are currently playing with their fairy collection and play dough as I type this. THANKYOU Fairy Factory for saving my sanity!
To shop all things Fairy Factory CLICK HERE 
o follow them on INSTAGRAM CLICK HERE

Bandits & Bambinas
Stylish and Affordable Handmade, soft sole, fabric shoes for little ones.  

Danielle is the Mama behind these adorable, and amazing fabric shoes. She is also another amazing Mama that I have met through this Small Biz journey. She is such a hard working Biz owner and it really does show in the quality of her handmade shoes.  When you look at each and every shoe, they are so amazingly made, and you can really see her passion for what she does. 

Not only are her products something that we have purchased many times ( for our kids and for gifts)they are wonderful keepsakes with her "Im New' collection. Danielle is another genuine soul that I have had the pleasure of getting to know thought my journey as a Small Biz Owner. 
To SHOP all things Fabric Shoes CLICK HERE
And to follow them on INSTAGRAM CLICK HERE 

Jax in the Box
Handmade Baby Products including the famous 'Dribble Monster Bib"

Now this Small Biz holds a very special place in my heart, as it was my first ever Biz that I created. And when I decided to move on and sell up, I knew I couldn't pass it onto just anyone. And then I met Rachel! She is an amazing mama with a strong spirit. She is a mama of two gorgeous boys and has the drive and determination to make her dreams a reality. 
Rachel has continues making the 'Dribble Monster Bibs' as well as branched out and expanded the business to include so many other awesome handmade products! Whilst it was hard to let go of my first 'Biz Baby' I am so thrilled to watch Rachel take Jax in the Box to new places! Go MAMA! 
To shop all things JAX INTHE BOX CLICK HERE 
nd to follow them on INSTAGRAM CLICK HERE 

The Bendy Beanstalk
Uniquely designed educational toys, games and books, beautifully made with the highest quality.
Ihave had the privilege  of getting to know Chloe, the Mama behind The Bendy Beanstalk through an online chat over the last few months. In this time we have made two purchases from this store. I have to say two things, Chloe is a simply a blessing to this world AND their products are AMAZING!! Our boy Jax has a thirst for knowledge, and we have found so many products through The Bendy Beanstalk that support his thirst to learn but in a way that is FUN! Also the books they stock are AMAZING, I often find myself reading them when the kids aren't even around! 
o find them on INSTAGRAM CLICK HERE 

So there you have it, a list of amazing Small Businesses that are run by AMAZING WOMEN. 
Again THANK YOU for supporting all Small Businesses & helping make dreams come true! 
The easiest way you can support us all is by clicking the share button below and help spread the word about all of these AMAZING WOMEN doing AMAZING THINGS! Also tell people about us all, talk to people about products you have found and love from small businesses (not just the ones mentioned here today) 



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